Thomas Debuisser, founder and majority shareholder of Clairitec, and Gildo Pallanca Pastor, CEO of VENTURI, formalized the creation of “Ventec-Intelligent Battery Management System” a company that offers a new generation of electrical battery management system (iBMS) enabling a safer and a more efficient use of lithium technology.

Ventec BMS - battery management system

The Battery Management System (BMS) is a major device for the control the embedded energy. It offers temperatures monitoring, voltage balancing, charge and discharge management and processing of the information of each battery cell.

Being a company which specializes in embedded intelligence, Ventec produces battery management systems including software and new generation hardware.

The quality and the precision of the measure associated with a predictive system based on different battery chemistry models, make Ventec iBMS a particularly innovative technological solution.

The Ventec iBMS technology is adapted to all manufacturers and end-users of lithium batteries wishing to offer a safe and effective product with a short-time to-market.

The French technology provided by Ventec iBMS offers a significant help when a quick introduction of reliable and efficient lithium battery in the market is required.