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All our stationary BMS solutions

Our stationary battery pack solutions are developed with great care in order to respond to all your needs and demands. We therefore individually tailor our solutions to your specific requirements. Customer satisfaction is our main goal.

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Our embedded BMS solutions

Being highly expertized and experienced, as well as having strong research capabilities, Ventec iBMS is able to adapt to all the needs you have for your BMS. We can adapt to all types of vehicles, no matter whether dealing with hybrid- or fully electric ones.

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iBMS Ventec

As part of our product range we offer prefabricated products, as well as individually-tailored solutions. Our StarterKit and our “Supervisor” software help you to analyze the way your BMS works, so you can always offer your clients a maximum degree of reliability.

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* Tomorrow will not be like yesterday. It will be new and depend on us. There is less to discover than to create.

Our last news

PCM vs BMS, a dilemma for product designers

PCM vs BMS, a dilemma for product designers

A lot of product designers hesitate between a PCM (Protection Circuit Module) and a BMS (Battery Management System) in order to protect the battery pack of their devices. These 2 type of electronic boards are, however, very different in the way they work and with regard to the desired outcome.

Our business

As a specialist in embedded system intelligence, Ventec develops intelligent Battery Management Systems which integrate new generation pieces of software and electronic boards leading us to be among the leaders in the market:

  • Hybrid and all-electric EV/HEV vehicles,

  • Renewable energies,

  • Self-sufficient street lights

Our expertise

Embedded solution

Relying on experience, research capabilities and excellence values, Ventec will meet all your needs regarding Battery Management Systems for your hybrid or electric vehicles: E-bikes, scooters, cars, trucks…

Stationary solutions

All our stationary solutions are developed with the objective of fully answering your overall needs. Because your requirements and issues are unique, Ventec iBMS develops for you a unique custom solution.

Off-the-shelf BMS

Ventec has developed several products directly available upon order as well as various tools to guide you in the control, customization and optimization of your batteries.