What can you do with the 8-16S Ventec BMS?

The 16S Ventec BMS is dedicated to eScooters, tricycles and small electric vehicles.

Ventec iBMS 16s - BMS 16s

Technical description

Cell’s management

  • Management up to 2 batteries packs in parallel (require as much BMS as battery packs)
  • Management of 8 to16 serialized lithium (all technologies) elements
  • Management of 6 NTC temperature sensors
    • 3 digital measures used by the software
    • 3 analogic measures used by the hardware redundancy


  • Hardware redundancy for voltage and temperature measurements in order to reach a high level of safety
  • Protection against:
    • Overcharge and undercharge,
    • Overtemperature and undertemperature,
    • Overcurrent: 2 levels tunable by software
  • Short circuit hardware protection (electronic fuse)


  • Passive balancing with a 500 mA of bypass current per cell

Power box

  • Bidirectional measure of the battery current by a hall effect sensor
  • Charge and discharge management
  • External power box management up to 750 A:
    • Command of an external electromechanical contactor
    • Command of a precharge circuit (included on the board)

Smart functions

  • SOC and SOH calculation
  • Advanced self-diagnostic of the board
  • Communication by CAN bus 2.0B (opto-isolated)
    • Motor controller management
    • Charger management
  • Advanced supervision software

Power supply/consumption

  • Supply of the BMS directly on the battery pack
  • Low consumption in standby mode: < 500 µA

Mechanical Format

  • Dimensions: 90 x 172 mm

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